creole spirit!

meerzeitreisen – creole spirit! is a travel agency and tour operator based in Hamburg, Germany. We are specialized on alternative and sustainable tourism in Seychelles and Cabo Verde.

Our name “meer-zeit-reisen” means “mari-time-travel” and shows our affection to the sea and traveling as well as related subjects like islands, sailing, diving, snorkeling and even fishing.

The company is run and operated by Olaf Jakobsen and Volker Karpen who have been good friends since school. We share a career in marine sciences before following our passion and became travel agents for Creole countries.

Many journeys to near and distant countries have shaped us. We always enjoy to get in touch with local people, their culture and way of life. Since 2008 we have spent far more than 20 month in Seychelles and went on our first journey to Cabo Verde in 2013.

The positive attitude and the warm and open-hearted people left a deep impression on us. It is with great respect and enthusiasm that we are motivating others to share these positive and inspiring adventures.

Olaf & Volker are looking forward to hearing from you.